Chinchilla Peruvian Pets (Wiley)

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We raise chinchillas on our farm and use their waste for our garden beds along with the rabbits. They are so soft and hilarious little creatures, each one has a different personality.

They are social creatures and always raised together so ethically I prefer to sell them in pairs or more. If you have one already I’m happy to sell you another. It’d be pretty sad for a chin who has friends to go be a pet on its own, so I do pairs, they love to snuggle with eachother so trust me, you don’t want just one depressed chinchilla. ☹️😂👍

We have Grey and white chins both males and females, and also three mixed beautiful babies, their dad is the rare white one and the babies are Gorgeous. ♥️♥️

The nice thing about chinchillas is you can keep males together, females together, or have a breeding pair. Lots of small mammals the males don’t do well together, but chinchillas love it, ours are all best friends and just pile up into a cuddle puddle, it’s insanely cute.

We do have cages available if needed, otherwise if you have your own, great. They like multiple stories and being up high, they live up in caves in Peru and are great at jumping. I’m happy to fill you in on tips and tricks to make your life easier with food and shelter etc.

My favorite thing about them is they bathe themselves in volcanic ash (you can buy it on Amazon) and they roll quickly in it and look like speedy Gonzalez rolling around and then they look like powdered donuts as my daughter says 😂😂😂 There’s a specific bowl you can put the ash in so it doesn’t make a mess, it’s just the cutest thing ever to watch!

Please be sure you are wanting a pet, these are wonderful and functional for your garden but remember that these are sweet creatures who also need loving care. I’m always happy to share education on them, I just really want to see them go to living homes. Prices are negotiable. Thank you!

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