KTM 1190 Adventure, 2014 - $7,500 (Athens)

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Barnett Shoals Rd near Snapfinger Dr.

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VIN: VBKV19400EM902017
condition: good
engine displacement (CC): 1195
motor: gas
odometer: 22100
title status: clean
transmission: manual
Please read the January, 2014 issue of "Cycle World" online magazine which provides a detailed road test of a KTM 1190 Adventure.


I purchased the bike new in 2016 and am the only owner. It has been adult ridden and carefully maintained. The oil, coolant, brake fluid, and air filter have been replaced within the last month. I'm selling it because I'm 76 and if I'm to continue riding, need a smaller, lighter motorcycle.

Cycle World concludes their review of the KTM 1190 Adventure by saying it may be the best all-around motorcycle in the world. They are impressed with it's versatility. It does everything well. It's V-Twin, 150 horsepower engine, also has high torque, which makes it easy to ride slowly. It can be docile enough to ride to the local Starbucks, or Cycle World timed a quarter mile in 10.6 seconds @ 129, and measured a top speed of over 150.

You can ride to far-off places and on all kinds of roads, including dirt, and in all sorts of weather. It has Bosch gME anti-lock brake (ABS), and lean-angle-sensing traction control and brakes while turning. Or simply commute. Several summers ago I rode from Athens to Key West, a 2,000 mile round trip. It was excellent on the trip, including 500 miles, North, on I-75 to Macon, and another 100 on two lane roads to Athens on the last day (although I wouldn't necessarily recommend going in August).

It has four electronically controlled ride modes. "Rain" reduces the horsepower to 100, but maintains Traction-control and Anti-lock brakes on both wheels. "Off-Road" also lowers the HP to 100, while maintaining ABS on the front wheel, but removes Traction-Control and ABS on the rear. "Comfort" produces the full 150 HP, but provides linear, less aggressive throttle response, and softer suspension., while "Sport" delivers the full 150 HP, has instant (ride-by-wire) throttle response, aggressive acceleration mapping, and stiffer suspension.

As shown in several pictures, it has passenger pegs and easily accommodates a passenger.

"Cycle World" concludes their review, "This motorcycle does more things well in more conditions than any bike we've ever tested. It has near-sportbike performance on a winding road, offers comfort similar to that of more touring-oriented machines, and is capable of things off-road that no bike its size or power output should ever be capable of. KTM has forever expanded the definition of the all-around motorcycle."

I've added about $5,000 of aftermarket accessories, including a solo seat that is relatively comfortable and makes long rides possible. (KTM is known for board-like seats. I don't think they expect riders to ever sit.)

Renezco Racing custom Suede Seat, designed specifically for the KTM 1190 Adventure - $400
KTM (OEM) Skid plate - $300
Touratech upper engine guards - $400 (Lower engine guards are stock.)
Cyclops LED Headlight - $160, and auxiliary lights, $400.
Black Dog side heat shields, with amber lights (which in addition to reducing exposure to heat, provide substantially increase visibly, especially at night) - $225
Parabellum, Tall Wind shield - $150 (I also have the stock windshield.)
New Uni-(air)-filter - $105
The oil, coolant, and brake fluid have been changed within the last month.
New Upgraded sprockets, front and rear - $165
New Upgraded Renthal Chain - $142
KTM OEM Panniers - $1,199 (In the interest of full disclosure, IMO they are poorly designed, heavy and poorly aerodynamic. They act like wings that accentuate the affect of wind, especially cross-wind, at speed, and if full, add about 70 pounds. I haven'd used them in years, even on the Key West trip. Instead I use a Touratech dry-bag.
Touratech dry-gag (orange) - $100
Barkbusters VPS Upgraded hand guards - $160
Admore Tail, Stoplight, and Progressive turn signals - $150
Nearly new (OEM) Continental Attack 3 tires, front and rear, with less than 1,000 miles - $446. (90% Street; 10% Dirt)

Two keys, electronically programmed to the bike, making theft virtually impossible.

Thank you for considering this motorcycle. We are located in Athens, GA, about a mile from the University of Georgia Vet School Hospital on the Southeast side of Athens.

Blue Book value was run on April 15, 2014. $7,500, or Best Offer.

Clean title. Buyer is responsible for pick-up or delivery. No checks, please.
YouTube videos featuring the KTM 1190 Adventure:
[A brief hint of what a KTM 1190 Adventure R is capable of when ridden off-road by a professional.]
[What a KTM 1190 Adventure is capable of when ridden by someone with a lot of nerve...]
[...because 273 kilometers-per-hour equals 169 miles-per-hour, I can only guess that this rider has changed to a smaller rear and/or larger front sprocket]. Regardless, whatever an 1190s top speed, I have never tested mine. What's breathtakingly impressive is how fast it'll go from 0 to 100 or so.)

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