Pyrador Puppy

I’m contemplating rehoming a 4 month old black Pyador. Great Pyrenees/Labrador puppy. He’s probably 40 lbs now and will be at least 100 at 2 years full grown.
He has the look of a black lab but the personality of a Great Pyrenees.
He nose nudges to show love. The first thing he did at 8 weeks when I picked him up was nudge my nose and face. We bonded quickly. He will come up and nudge my leg. That’s how he shows love.
I got him for protection/guard dog. His bark is extremely loud. He doesn’t bark a lot and will stop when told sternly to do so but his bark is very intimidating.
I’m in a 1-bedroom duplex. I read Great Pyrenees puppies/dogs are not super active
as most large breeds are and this is true. He’s doesn’t act out often or chew if he has plenty of toys. He would be happier I’m sure with a fenced yard but my fear is he will be stuck in a yard with no attention.
If I can’t find the right fit then I will keep him.
I’m in heart failure and his size maybe too much for me when he’s full grown.
He’s partially house trained. He’s actually doin pretty good but I can’t put him in a crate because he screams bloody murder when I put in the crate and I’m in a duplex. My neighbors will complain.
He’s good with kids, other dogs, cats etc.
He’s very sweet, very alert and minds well. He’s very smart. He will bring his bowl when he wants food or water and he will bring me a shoe if I mention going outside and hesitate.
Do your research on this breed before inquiring but this breed has a lot of good qualities.
He will shed a lot although he has a short coat.
I’ve had a lot of dogs but he’s by far one of my favorite.

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